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6th kyu Orange Belt

Time-in-grade: 20 lessons
Total score: 25 points
Passing score: 18 points

1. Formal Bow and Ukemi (5 points)
a. Three sitting, squatting, standing
b. Side falls (one hand, two hands)
c. Rolls (both sides)

2. Tai Sabaki (1 point)
(Without Uke)
a. Formal
b. Escape
c. Punishment

3. Kotegaeshi (3 points)
a. 1 through 3 on either side

4. Kansetsuwaza (2 points)
a. Left or right

5. Wrist Grabs (2 points)
a. Double wrist (Kansetsuwaza or Kote-gaeshi)
b. Single wrist (Kansetsuwaza or Kotegaeshi)

6. Lapel Grabs (2 points)
a. One single hand grab (Kansetsuwaza or Kotegaeshi)
b. One double hand grab (Kansetsuwaza or Kotegaeshi)

7. Body Grabs from Behind (1 point)
a. Upper chest grab (Seionage)

8. Mugs (2 points)
a. Around the neck
b. Around the neck, one step back

10. Weapons Attacks (3 points)
a. Knife thrust to stomach (Kotegaeshi)
b. Face slash (Ippon Seionage)
c. Club to the side of the head (Ippon Seionage)

11. Formal Moves (3 points)
a. Ippon Seoi nage
b. Koshi-guruma
c. Uki Otoshi

12. Conduct, Attendance and Spirit (1 point)





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